Do you offer wholesale?

We love partnering up with like-minded shops to offer wholesale. If you are interested, please email for more info.

How do I contact you?
You can use our contact form here or email us at . Please do not send any order inquiries or other inquiries via instagram, as they may be missed. If you are reaching out about an order issue, please do so via email and within 5 business days of delivery. Please note we do not offer refund or exchange if you order the wrong items or duplicates, so please check your order carefully.


How do I care for my...

Clay cutters
Our clay cutters are made from PLA (a biodegradable plastic) and stand .5" high, tapering to a cutting edge of .4mm for a sharp cut. Filament color may vary between batches. Do not run our cutters through the dishwasher or expose them to hot water or direct sunlight as this may cause them to warp or weaken and possibly eventually break down. They can be dipped in a solution of cool water + rubbing alcohol between cuts to keep the clay from sticking in the cutter. Hand wash with cool water and dish soap.


Our earrings are handmade from clay, polymer clay, or acrylic in small batches and as such may have small inconsistencies or imperfections. 
All of our findings are high-quality gold-filled or gold-plated and should last you a long time with care. Do not take our jewelry into the shower or pool with you!

Handle with care- earring materials may scratch when exposed to sharp or abrasive materials. Clay components can be cleaned using a q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol, while acrylic components can be cleaned using water and a soft cloth. Brass should be cleaned with the polishing cloth sent with your order.

By nature, 3d printed objects may have layer lines, seams, and other minor imperfections or inconsistencies. Do not leave printed objects in direct sunlight for extended periods of time or expose them to heat.

 Our stems are laser cut from 1/8" acrylic. Handle with care, especially thin or delicate areas. Acrylic may scratch when exposed to sharp or abrasive materials. Acrylic components can be washed with cool water and a soft cloth. 


Do you take custom orders?

Yes, when time allows! Email us at with details, sketches and dimensions and we can discuss and send you an estimate. Custom cutters are usually in the $20-30 range depending on design & printing time required. Design work (if you don't have a clear idea of what you want and need a little help or want to see options) will cost a little more.


Are all orders Final Sale?

All orders are final sale, but please reach out immediately if there is any problem with your order. If an item arrives damaged due to shipping, you must reach out via email within 5 business days of delivery with photos of the shipping box as well as the damaged items to be eligible for replacement. Please note we do not offer refund or exchange if you order the wrong items or duplicates, so please check your order carefully. We are not responsible for and do not offer refunds for orders that are lost by USPS, sent to an incorrect address provided by buyer or are not claimed by the buyer at the post office.


I only received part of my order - where are the rest of my items?

Some elements of an order may need to be shipped separately due to fragility or timeline. Vessels are almost always shipped separately in their own box and may arrive sooner or later than the rest of an order. Reach out to us at if you have any concerns.



Shipping Policy

Our standard processing time is 3-5 business days. This does not include shipping time. Items marked as "PREORDER" may have additional or special processing times that will be noted on that specific listing.

Packages that are returned due to an incorrect or insufficient address or failure to collect from the post office will be subject to an additional shipping fee and may be subject to delays as we wait for it to make its way back to us.

Once your package is dropped at USPS we cannot give any updates beyond what the tracking number shows. Contact your local USPS if you notice any irregular tracking updates or if your package does not arrive by the expected date. We are not liable for delayed, lost or stolen items once a package leaves our possession. 


Do you offer international shipping?

Yes, international shipping is available and the cost is calculated at check out. Some items can only be shipped domestically due to their fragile nature and high shipping costs. U.K. shipping is currently paused due to new Brexit regulations but we hope to resume shipping there soon. We do not collect VAT or customs dues for international orders, so be aware that you may be responsible for additional fees when collecting your international package. 


What are your shipping options? Do you refund shipping on multiple orders?

Most orders are shipped standard via USPS First Class, or USPS Priority Mail. If you'd like to upgrade your shipping from First Class to Priority please email us after placing your order and we will try to accommodate. Please note that this will not affect the processing timeframe, only the USPS shipping timeframe, and your order will be subject to a small additional fee to cover the extra shipping costs.

If you've placed multiple orders during a restock you can email us within 1 business day and we will refund the duplicate shipping charges and send your items together in one package (adding many or heavy orders together may result in a Priority Mail charge being triggered, if the order is too heavy to be sent First Class).

I entered the wrong shipping address at checkout - what should I do?

Email us ASAP at . Packages that are returned due to an incorrect or insufficient address will be subject to an additional shipping fee and may be subject to delays as we wait for it to make its way back.


The tracking on my package is not updating or is showing an unexpected update - what should I do?

Once a package is dropped off at the courier we are not able to give any updates beyond what the tracking number shows. If you notice your package seems to be stuck or has an unexpected tracking update, call your local USPS. Sometimes if a package is unable to be delivered due to an incorrect address they can hold the package at your local USPS for pickup. Contacting USPS as soon as you notice an irregularity is the best way to get any problems sorted out.


An item arrived damaged - what should I do?

We package our goods very carefully but in the event something arrives damaged, please take photos of the USPS box the item was shipped in as well as the damaged item and send them ASAP to . We must receive this info within 5 business days of the item's delivery date for you to be eligible for a replacement.